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Green Belt Network

The “Green Belt Network” is now up and running.
Caroline Cotterill has designed the website and our own Ewen Cunningham has been heavily involved formulating policy.
All involved have done a great job in getting it put together so quickly. The driving force behind it is our District Cllr. Peter Oakley who is its Chairman.
The concept is to have a cross-boundary pressure group which has enough clout, and expertise, to command the attention of our planning authorities and gain the backing of those most influential in the process. The group needs helpers now. There is much to be done and just a few can’t do it all. Solihull is the area which most requires helpers, keeping an ear to the ground for planning applications etc.
If you are concerned about the governments intentions with regard to planning please get in touch, especially if you have a few hours to spare to give a helping hand. Come along to a meeting and then decide if it interests you.

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