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Cyber crime survey

How safe do you feel online? 

Warwickshire County Council and key strategic partners have launched their second cyber crime survey to find out how safe people feel online and assess the impact that online crime is having around the county.

The cyber crime survey – which can be found here: – is being run by the Warwickshire Observatory and asks people to share their experiences of online crime through a series of questions.

Last year, there was a very high response rate to this survey, which found the following:

  • Over half of respondents were targeted by phishing scams, with 1 in 10 going on to become victims.
  • One in five that spend over seven hours a day online will become a victim of cyber crime.
  • As age increases, knowledge of online crime risks reduces slightly, while the feeling of being at risk increases significantly.
  • Under 18s are the age group most targeted for online harassment or bullying with female respondents targeted twice as much as males.
  • Nearly one third of parents have neither applied online restrictions nor spoken to their children about internet safety.
  • 2.4% of respondents have no idea how to protect themselves online.
  • “I did not think anyone could help” was the number one reason for not reporting cyber crime, followed by “did not know who to report it to”.

Last year’s survey also suggested that 82,200 people fell victim to online crime in the last 12 months in Warwickshire, while nearly a quarter of a million people in the county feel at risk online. Worryingly, around 2.4 percent of the respondents to the first survey had no idea to protect themselves online.

This latest survey will seek to examine how the picture has changed across Warwickshire over the past 12 months and whether residents are more aware of the dangers that can be posed online and the things that they are able to do to minimise these risks.

The survey is also running across West Mercia, West Midlands and Staffordshire policing areas with the full support of the local Police and Crime Commissioners for these areas. This will allow analysts to assess the scale of the problem across a wider region and will make the Cyber Crime Survey one of the largest surveys on the subject in the whole of the UK.

The closing date for the survey is Monday 9th January 2017.

For more information about cyber crime please visit

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