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Finalised Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is on the horizon in January 2018

The parish council is now reviewing the final NDP consultation document, which has been prepared primarily by Mike Saunders and Jonathan Ashcroft. After this review and agreement by the parish council, it is intended to consult all parishioners as to the content. The results of this consultation will form the basis of the NDP which will then be annexed to Stratford District’s Core Strategy.

Briefly, once the NDP is prepared, it will be put to a referendum of everyone in the parish. If it passes, it will be inspected and then adopted by Stratford District Council (SDC) and sit as a part of their planning “Core Strategy” document which determines the planning requirements of the District up until 2031.

The NDP, once adopted, will have a strong influence on the quantity and quality of planning decisions taken as SDC will then have to take the preferences stated in the parish NDP into account when taking any decision.

Although the whole parish is within the Green Belt, SDC has identified three Local Service Villages (LSVs) [Earlswood, Tanworth and Wood End] where the scale, communication routes and support services are sufficiently developed that they can sustain further development. Each village now has a “Built Up Area Boundary” {BUAB) within which development can take place. Because it’s all in the Green Belt, development is much more restricted than the parishes in the south of the SDC area.

The most likely developments will come from “limited infill”.   However, the consultation NDP has identified 3 sites where developments of a much larger scale could take place. One is in Earlswood, one in Tanworth and one in Wood End.

The Draft NDP has identified Earlswood village centre as a potential site for improving the crossroads and increasing the parking behind the shops. This will obviously have to be paid for and the quid pro quo for this would be to develop a couple of fields behind the shops – probably 100ish houses in order for it to pay for the redevelopment around the crossroads.

The Residents’ Association believes that this will be on a scale that will totally alter the village. Part of the reason for identifying this as a potential development scheme is that, when the NDP process was inaugurated 6 years ago, there was a requirement for NDPs to identify potential development sites within their respective areas. However, as the process has matured, things have become clearer and we now believe that there is no requirement to identify any future development sites if we don’t want to. We also understand that there is now a requirement for the affected landowners of any potential future development sites to have given their agreement to make the land available for such developments. No such undertakings have been given in this instance.

This is by far and away the most contentious issue for residents of Earlswood to consider in the consultation NDP. If the consultation is in favour of it, it will be an integral part of the NDP. However, if the consultation produces a rejection of it, we need to ensure that it is removed in its entirety as reference to it may come back to haunt us in the future. Rejection and removal is the Residents’ Association preferred option but you should reach your own opinion based on the available information.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone considers what development they want in the village in future and attend a consultation meeting when they are announced (expected to be early 2018). It will be in the interest of everyone that the village has made its preferences known at the consultation stage as the NDP will be based on these decisions and a vote will be taken by all voting age parishioners to adopt or reject it. Rejection will add large amounts of work for the volunteers who have spent the last few years researching and preparing it. We believe that we will be better served by having a NDP, as we will have some say as to how development is shaped in future. If we don’t have a NDP, planning decisions will be solely down to SDC Planning Dept.

Further information can be obtained from Julie White, the Clerk to the Parish, at the parish council office behind the Village Hall or by phone on 703200. There will also be information available on the parish council website following the NDP links. We will also post information on this website  as we receive it, however, it may not be complete and it may give our preferred position on some sections.

Public meetings will be held so please look for info on these. It is vital that you have your say on this document. We will get the dates of public meetings out as soon as we have them.

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