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The Future of Housing around Earlswood

The Government is to give Birmingham £100m to build houses that it doesn’t have space for.  A new Birmingham survey indicates that it will be short of space to build 61,000 houses by 2031 and these will be distributed around the surrounding areas.

The survey has demoted the Green Belt around Earlswood and Forshaw Heath to second class Green Belt and proposes two new development strategies for our area – An allocation through “proportionate dispersal” of between 500 and 2,500 houses and a “new settlement” of between 10,000 and 15,000 houses.  This does not take into account the proposition by Solihull MBC of a new “garden village” between Forshaw Heath and Tidbury Green of 3,000 houses, or the 1,000 houses that SMBC has already planned for the Blythe Valley Business Park area that will come right up to the parish boundary.

Stratford District Council say that this won’t happen but the  Strategic Growth Study into the Greater Birmingham and Black Country Housing Market Area suggests a different story.  The attached summary gives further details and will be updated as the picture becomes clearer.

Don’t forget to attend the Neighbourhood Development Plan meetings at Earlswood Village Hall on 5th May and/or Tanworth Village Hall on 14th May to make your points re the future of planning in the parish.  This is now more important that ever.

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