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Could you be a school governor?

One of the great advantages that Tanworth School & Nursery has enjoyed is the extent to which people in our local community, not necessarily connected with the school or Church, have been willing to serve as governors and thereby help the Headteacher and her staff provide the very best education for our children.

Some of our governors are parents who, despite all the demands of having a young family and, usually, full-time jobs, are prepared to give up their precious time to bring their unique perspective to running our school and nursery.  Other governors have an education background and are able to use that experience to help shape and monitor the learning that we offer.

Equally important are those who can bring a strong business background and experience to the governor role.  These have typically been experienced business professionals who have perhaps recently retired or are reaching the end of their full-time careers but are keen to offer their knowledge and experience to help with the financial and business management of the school and nursery.  This is essential if we are to allow the headteacher and her staff to focus on helping our children to learn and achieve their best.

At present we would be very interested to hear from anyone with a business background, particularly in commercial accounting or financial management, or in buildings and asset management, either from the private or public sector, who would consider becoming a school governor. 

If this is something that you think that you might be interested in please give me a call on 07891 432881 or e-mail me at

Bob Perks

Chair of Governing Board   

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