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Warwickshire Minerals Plan Publication Consultation 2018

Warwickshire County Council is consulting on the latest version of the Minerals Plan. This stage is known as the Regulation 19 consultation and is the final public consultation before the Minerals Plan is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

What is the Minerals Plan?

Warwickshire County Council is the Mineral Planning Authority for Warwickshire and has a statutory duty to produce the county’s Minerals Plan. This sets out the spatial strategy, allocated sites, vision, objectives and policies guiding minerals development up to 2032 and provides the framework for minerals development management, including implementation and monitoring.

Government guidance requires that Mineral Planning Authorities should plan for a steady and adequate supply of minerals including the provision of aggregates (sand and gravel and crushed rock). The Minerals Plan is the vehicle which enables this to be implemented through the allocation of minerals sites. This provides certainty to communities as to where mineral development should take place in the county. However, adopting the Plan does not grant planning permission for minerals development per se. Only an approved planning application will grant permission. Any planning application will need to cover the detailed design, layout, operation of development and mitigation measures based on detailed assessment. Local communities will be consulted on the planning application prior to determination.

A previous Regulation 19 consultation was carried out between December 2016 and February 2017. Since then, the plan requirements have significantly changed due to a fall in the most recent 10 year sales average from the Local Aggregates Assessment (LAA) 2017. Consequently, a further consultation on the plan based on the lower plan requirement for sand and gravel is required.

What can you comment on?

The purpose of this consultation is to allow further representations to be made on the Minerals Plan 2018 before submission to the Secretary of State and subsequent consideration at an examination in public.

For this consultation, you can respond to the following broad questions:

  • Is the Minerals Plan legally compliant?
  • Is the Minerals Plan sound?
  • Does it fulfil the duty to co-operate?

A Guidance Document is available with more information on what these mean and what you may wish to consider before making a representation.

For more information and to access the link to the minerals consultation portal please visit the Ask Warwickshire Minerals Plan Publication Webpage

This consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday December 12th.

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