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Notice of commencement of planned vegetation management on and around Earlswood Lakes

As part of scheduled statutory works under the Reservoir Act 1975 the Trust working in conjunction with our contractors will be undertaking further vegetation management works on and around Earlswood Lakes.

These works will include removal of trees, saplings and ground clearance, these works will be carried out on all embankments of Windmill, Engine and Terrys pools.

All the arisings that were left behind from previous works along the side of Windmill in the Blythe feeder channel will be removed as part of this work along with all new arisings produced.

There will also be work undertaken on some of the footpaths and access ways.

This work is due to commence on the 14th of October and will run for approximately three weeks, during this time there may be some limited disruption to access of footpaths, this is for safety reasons, and will be managed on site by the contractors as required for the works to proceed safely and in a timely manner.

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