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The Universal Credit Transition Fund is now open for applications

The Transition Fund is designed to enable external organisations to support people who most need extra help to move closer to, or into, work.  Support may include – but is not limited to – helping people to make a claim to Universal Credit. However the DWP is looking for organisations such as local charities, community groups and other organisations – of any size – who can demonstrate an innovative approach to help people from disadvantaged groups, such as care leavers; prison leavers; refugees; the homeless and those with substance dependencies – to move closer to the labour market. See the guidance and application form below.

Applications for funding can be submitted up to 31st March 2020.


The Residents’ Association is asking residents to provide help and support for those most in need in our community. The most vulnerable are those who have no family or friends who are able to help them out, and we need to identify them as soon as possible.

We are asking everyone who is able to check at least six houses on either side of them and identify those who are going to need support. If you can’t get an answer at a door then please let us know and don’t take it personally if you get a less than friendly response, stick with it, let them get to know you a little. People are more willing to accept help from a friendly face. Write out your name, phone number and offer of help and, ideally, give it to the person. Put it through the door if all else has failed and let us, or the Parish Council know that you think there is someone who may need help, giving the house number.  See the contact details below.

If you are able and willing to provide that support then please do so. If you are not then please contact us with the house number of the person you think will need help in the coming months.

It’s also a good idea to give your house phone number to those who may currently have support from family or friends in case that fails and alternative support is required. If possible, do not give a mobile number as it costs more to phone a mobile number from a landline and there will be some who don’t have a mobile.

It is a responsibility to take shopping and prescriptions to a vulnerable person so please take every precaution to make sure that you don’t pass on any infections.

It goes without saying that if you feel at all unwell then stay away and ask someone else to take over.

We are encouraging everyone to give what help they can and please, contact us about any situation that you don’t feel able to deal with yourself.

We will put updates on the website as and when necessary.


It’s time for us to pull together and we have no doubt that this is exactly what Earlswood and Forshaw Heath will do

Jenny Buckly


01564 703695 or                                                                     

National Domestic Abuse Helpline

March Cyber Scam Newsletter

Cyber Safe Warwickshire March Newsletter

Parish Assembly Wednesday 22nd April


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. To receive and sign the Minutes of the Parish Assembly 2019
  3. Report on behalf of the Police
  4. Presentation on Smartwater by Rural Crime Advisors
  5.  Update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan
  6. To receive the Parish Council Annual Report (Chair)
  7. To receive a Statement of Accounts for Year Ended 31/3/18
  8. Report from County Councillor John Horner
  9. Report from District Councillor Tony Dixon
  10. Questions from Electors
  11. Reports from Local Residents’ Associations
  12. Reports from Representatives of Local Groups
  13. Any other business

Following the closure of the Assembly everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the refreshments provided.

Peoples’ Award Announced

How to Avoid The Top 10 Scams

There are hundreds of ways villains can find to part the unsuspecting from their hard-earned cash, but these are some of their favourite and most lucrative scams that you need to be aware of:

  1. A letter or email from a foreign bank or legal company saying that someone with the same surname as you, possiblya long-lost relative, has died leaving you a fortune. A small fee or tax will be required to secure your inheritance – but of course, it does not exist, and you’ll not see the fee again. You’ll not see anything in your bank account either if you give them the details.
  2. A variation on the above, again from abroad, asks if you would help transfer a large amount of money from the foreign country into your account in the UK before transferring it on to its rightful owner, and in return you’ll get a large reward. If you do agree and give them your bank account details, they’ll simply empty it instead of filling it with a fortune.
  3. Investment opportunities in land, wine, or shares might be portrayed as a guaranteed, risk-free way to earn a fantastic return on your money – but these ‘deals’ are overpriced or non-existent, and as they are usually run from abroad, you’ll have no help from the Financial Services Authority when your money disappears with nothing to show.
  4. Phishing – this is usually done by email but can also be done on the phone. An email that looks like it comes from your bank, with the logo and everything, will ask you to update or confirm your bank details and ID by completing a form giving your account number, PIN or password. No bank ever asks for your PIN or password and you should never give it to anyone – if you do, your account will be empty the next time you check. The telephone variation will ask for the same information, and with the same results.
  5. Lottery and prize draw wins are always suspicious if a) if you haven’t entered one and b) are asked for an administration fee before you get your winnings. You will not win anything, just lose your money, plus the fraudsters will know you are a soft touch and sell your name and address onto other fraudsters who will bombard you with similar scams.
  6. Premium phone rate prizes are easy – you’ll get a text or phone message telling you to ring an 090 number to claim a prize. But all you’ll get is a recorded message that lasts for several minutes at premium rates and if you’re lucky, at the end of it you’ll be sent some vouchers. Maybe after you’ve sent them an ‘administration’ fee.
  7. Pyramid selling and chain letters will help you lose not only your money but your friends too! You’ll be told you can earn lots of commission almost effortlessly simply by asking your friends to join a scheme with you selling something – all you need to do is pay an initial fee for stock or marketing help that you’ll quickly earn back as your income rises with all these new members brought in by your friends’ friends and their friends …. Hopefully your friends will have more sense than to fall for this, and will tell you before it’s too late.
  8. Homeworking – earning a good income from simple tasks. You’ll have to pay an amount up-front for stock or to register but you’ll quickly earn that back – unless the fraudster simply sends you stuff that just doesn’t work and so can reject your finished articles, or just sends you a list of other companies that you can ‘register’ with.
  9. Need a loan but have a poor credit history? No problem, your loan is already approved, you just need to send an administration or insurance fee and the money is yours….oh dear, this is very repetitive….
  10. Vitamins and miracle health cures that make your wallet quite poorly, miracle weight loss diets that will make your wallet quite thin but alas, not you, fake charity appeals, the ‘soulmate’ you met on an internet dating site who needs money to come and visit you or for medical treatment, the list goes on and on….

Basically, always be suspicious if a stranger comes to you out of the blue and asks you for money or your bank details, even if they seem to be from an authentic company. Never allow yourself to be rushed into accepting a special offer that you might miss out on, or be flattered into a confidential arrangement. You don’t have to do something for a stranger that somehow you earlier seemed to half-agree to do, and which refusing to do now you think might make you seem rude or stupid or mean. Don’t be too polite for your own good!

Are you concerned that your drinking or drug use is affecting your mental health and well being?

Are you 18+ and resident in Warwickshire? Then this course is open to you. 

CGL and Coventry and Warwickshire Mind have joined forces to produce a 
new 6 week Course on Alcohol & Drug use and it’s impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

MindStance  will be running from 1pm to 3pm on Monday 2nd March to Monday 6th April 2020 inclusive at CGL, 5-37 Albert Street, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2SG 

To register your interest or find out more information, please call 07776 588856 or 02476 229988

Your details will be passed on to the tutors John and Karen who will telephone you for an informal chat and answer any questions you may have.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation

The formal pre-submission public consultation on the draft NDP will begin at  10.00am on Monday February 10th and end at 5.00pm Friday 27th March. 

The official notice, including further information, and the draft NDP f can be downloaded via the links below

Paper copies may be viewed at the Parish Office (rear of Earlswood Village Hall) Monday to Friday between 10am & midday or at St Mary Magdalene Church, Tanworth.

Comments should be submitted via a response form which can be downloaded via the link below or from the Parish Office or St Mary Magdalene Church.

Save Earlswood Co-op

The news that the Co-op is putting out feelers for a buyer has come as a shock. We have written to head office asking for details of their intentions

This doesn’t stop anyone from writing to us or directly to the Midcounties Co-operative, Co-operative House, Warwick Technology Park, Gallows Hill, Warwick, CV34 6DA setting out why they think the shop should remain open.

We believe that the Co-op has a responsibility to keep this community shop open along with the responsibility to provide a post office. It was their decision to take over the post office and they should honour this. The shop runs at a profit but it does have shortcomings in terms of space.

Pease sign the petition at