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M6 J2 to J4 SMP Closure Programme update

Please note: The closure information below is accurate as of 28/03/2018 and may be subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, but we will endeavour to keep you updated of any changes to the programme.

Tonight’s full closure has now been amended to lane closures and will be in place on the northbound carriageway. There are no overnight planned closures between 29/03/2018 and 02/04/2018 during the Easter period.

Overnight lane closures will be in place from 03/04/2018. Our next full carriageway closure will be in place on 14/04/2018

Lane closures will be installed from 9pm with full closures in place from 10pm, at the earliest. Traffic counts are taken into consideration for all night-time closures so closures may be installed later than 10pm. If the works finish earlier than envisaged, the closure will be lifted prior to 6am.


Date Duration Details Allow an extra Diversion route
14/04/18 10pm – 6am M6 J2-4 northbound full carriageway closure 25 minutes M6 J2-4 Northbound

Gantry removal

Height restriction on A5 due to low bridge. For vehicles over 4.6m / 15ft please use alternative diversion on the A46 and A45

If you have any queries regarding the upcoming closures, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Natalie O’Dwyer

Communications Manager | Balfour Beatty VINCI | M6 J2-4 Smart Motorways Scheme

M: 07971 472517|E: natalie.o’

Balfour Beatty VINCI Joint Venture, M6 J2-4 Project Office , Coleshill Heath Road , off A447 Stonebridge Road , Coleshill  B46 3JB

Working on behalf of the Highways England

Customer Contact Centre 0300 123 5000

The Future of Housing around Earlswood

The Government is to give Birmingham £100m to build houses that it doesn’t have space for.  A new Birmingham survey indicates that it will be short of space to build 61,000 houses by 2031 and these will be distributed around the surrounding areas.

The survey has demoted the Green Belt around Earlswood and Forshaw Heath to second class Green Belt and proposes two new development strategies for our area – An allocation through “proportionate dispersal” of between 500 and 2,500 houses and a “new settlement” of between 10,000 and 15,000 houses.  This does not take into account the proposition by Solihull MBC of a new “garden village” between Forshaw Heath and Tidbury Green of 3,000 houses, or the 1,000 houses that SMBC has already planned for the Blythe Valley Business Park area that will come right up to the parish boundary.

Stratford District Council say that this won’t happen but the  Strategic Growth Study into the Greater Birmingham and Black Country Housing Market Area suggests a different story.  The attached summary gives further details and will be updated as the picture becomes clearer.

Don’t forget to attend the Neighbourhood Development Plan meetings at Earlswood Village Hall on 5th May and/or Tanworth Village Hall on 14th May to make your points re the future of planning in the parish.  This is now more important that ever.

The Future of Housing around Earlswood 18_03_17

Superfast broadband project March newsletter

To read the March newsletter click on the link below

newsletter 18-03

Possible closure of Solihul Police Station

The West Midlands Police and Crime commissioner is considering closing Solihull Police Station.  This is our closest station now that Shirley has closed.  Our closest stations within Warwickshire are Leamington Spa and Stratford and we regularly require back up from West Midlands Police in Solihull.

If you would like to object to the proposed closure you can email stating your objections.

There is also a petition at


Superfast broadband project February update

To read the February newsletter click on the link below

newsletter 18-02 Wave 9

Protect yourself or others from potential harms of online gaming

You are invited to attend this FREE event in Warwick on 26 April to find out more about what you can do to help protect yourself or others from potential harms of online gaming. The event will also look to talk about safeguarding and how to keep young people safe. For more information click on the link below.

Game Safe Event Invite_V7 Digital (1)

January 2018 Newsletter

This will soon be dropping through your letter boxes. If you want to read it now click on the link below

Newsletter January 2018 formatted for web

Better internet security in two minutes

A message from Action Fraud

Domain Name Systems (DNS) are like public phone books for the web. They are the reason you only need to remember a website’’s name and not its IP address (think of these as phone numbers for computers). When you type “” into a browser, a DNS service translates that into the associated IP address ( for you.

Imagine a phone book that automatically filters and removes phone numbers known to be used for fraud. That’s what Quad9 does for websites. Quad9 provides an automated way to protect yourself and your business by blocking access to known malicious websites, like phishing sites designed to steal personal or banking details.

Quad9 checks the website to determine if it’s malicious.

Visit for a step-by-step guide on how to improve your online security in two minutes.

Planned upgrade to the M42/M40 interchange

Highways England plans to improve the M40 and M42 motorways between M42 Junction 3 and 4 and M40 J16 by making them smart motorways. The work should start by March 2020. More information


Never to trust texts or calls from banks asking you call them on a specific number about a problem

I know we are all very savvy but there was a worrying story in the Guardian
newspaper recently warning never to trust texts or calls from banks (however
trustworthy they appear) that urge us to use a specific telephone number to
dial about a problem.

The scammers may say or text there has been what they think is a large
withdrawal or some mistaken transaction. We need to contact the bank’s fraud

The answer is always phone the bank back on a known number such as that
given on the back of a debit or credit card.  Never use the one the
fraudsters suggest and always check the telephone line has disconnected
before dialling any number after a call to you.  Perhaps dial another number
first before the bank to clear the line.

The Guardian says this scam could happen because a third party like Uber may
have been hacked giving access to name, telephone number, address and part
of debit or credit card number.

Of course, none of us would ever fall for a trick like that.