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Coronavirus Update 31/3/20

Viral Load:  “Viral load is simply a term for how much virus a person has got,” says Professor Barclay. “In general, with respiratory viruses, whether you get severely ill or only get a mild cold – can sometimes be determined by how much virus actually got into your body and started the infection off. Think […]

Coronavirus Update 30/03/20

Government food hampers will be delivered this week to 50,000 people deemed most at risk from the coronavirus outbreak, as the whole country was placed on an “emergency footing” on Sunday; Exercise:  Michael Gove has warned the public to limit daily walks, when in public spaces, to a maximum of an hour, ahead of a […]

Covid 19 Information

There is lots of conflicting information on and offline relating to Covd-19. Make sure you have the most accurate and timely information from Public Health England.

It’s important that we all remember that if anyone in your household has #COVID19 symptoms, you must all stay at home. You should read the stay at home […]

Coronavirus Help & Advice

In the last 24 hours, this letter has been delivered to all households in Earlswood and Forshaw Heath. We hope you find it useful.



The Residents’ Association is asking residents to provide help and support for those most in need in our community. The most vulnerable are those who have no family or friends who are able to help them out, and we need to identify them as soon as possible.

We are asking everyone who is able […]