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No backyard fires, says Fire and Rescue Service

Warwickshire residents are being urged not light bonfires during the current coronavirus pandemic to help reduce the air pollution for those who may be suffering from the virus or other respiratory infections.

This comes following several calls in the last few weeks to the Fire Control Centre from residents concerned about fires being lit in their neighbour’s back garden. Coronavirus can cause significant respiratory problems for people who contract the virus. This means that people managing their symptoms at home may need to have their windows open to help them breathe better. Obviously, smoke coming from a fire could cause their breathing difficulties to become even worse.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services Group Manager, Tim Sargent said:

“At this time, we are urging residents to think of others. We have already seen a small rise in fires in people’s back gardens and we don’t want the situation to get any worse. People may not realise it, but the effects of bonfires at this time are likely to be much more serious and have a bigger impact on the health of those suffering from the virus or other respiratory conditions.

“Therefore, we are urging residents not to burn garden waste or other materials during this period of the lockdown. This will not only help the health and well-being of those at home who may be ill, but it will also significantly reduce the chances of a fire getting out of control and spreading to neighbouring properties, which creates extra pressure on the already busy emergency services.”

If you are going to have a fire, then please ensure that you do it safely and follow our simple guidelines. Never use flammable liquids to light the fire, never leave a burning or smouldering fire unsupervised, keep it away from trees, hedges and fences and make sure it is completely extinguished before you leave the garden.

For more information on nuisance bonfires, visit your local, district or borough website or visit:

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